“I cannot thank enough for the guidance and care you have given me. I feel so much stronger and more confident in my ability to care for myself.

With your thorough explanations and instructions, you have made me realize how extremely important it is for my own well being to keep routine of proper daily exercise.
Now I understand why I have these problems with my shoulder and hopefully how to avoid future injuries.

Again, thanks to my favorite Therapist and one who I also consider a friend. ”
- L.R.

“Therapy was very helpful. A checkup from my surgeon and an x-ray shows good healing and good progress.

He said the therapy received had done an excellent job.

My therapist is a wonderful PT and I can't think of anything more she could have done. ”
- Anonymous

“My OT is outstanding! She has used the correct pressure points and I am almost free of pain. She also gave me some pages on yoga skills that have helped me too. All in all, it has been a wonderful experience.”
- A.F.

“My PT was great. She couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. If I need help again some day, I will certainly count on her for help.”
- B.T.

“We are very happy with my husband's therapist. She has shown my husband how to get up and down much better. The exercises are helping him. She takes the time to explain to him how to do them, as he sometimes gets confused. I feel he is doing much better.”
- E.R.

“My therapist was very helpful always upbeat and she treated me as a partner in this endeavor, suggesting and showing different ways to approach a problem.

  • Checked the house for "hazards"
  • Full range of stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Answers my questions about pain and adjusts the day's plan
  • Explains the anatomy of it all
  • Always on time with a smile
  • Very patient with my questions
  • Worked at figuring out problems
I feel confident as I 'step' out on my own.”
- D.D.

“Dear Jim Prussack,

I am writing you to let you know that one of your Physical Therapists was one of the best PTs I have ever had. I am a disabled RN and have had chronic back problems and have been disabled since 1989. I have been thru so much PT, I could recite the exercises that has been prescribed for me, verbatim. But, obviously, over the years, I have forgotten them. I also was a Nurse Manager and was given the privilege of overseeing 258 employees at Mercy Hospital. The only reason why I am giving some of my background is that I had to evaluate not only Nurses, techs, Pharmacists, house keepers, etc. but I had to evaluate PT, OT, & ST techs as well.

Working with my therapist over a period of a month, was not only beneficial, helpful, yet challenging at times, but she made it fun for me as well. She also uses humor with her job, appropriately, which is well needed when you are working with chronically ill patients. She not only was punctual, professional and kept to her time frame but she gave me every session, a personalized set of exercise instructions to make my back stronger. No longer is my family "riding" me about my hunched over back. Instead, they notice the change in me, and the fact that I am standing up straighter than I ever have before. I owe that to my new friend and colleague. She even took the time to memorize my 3 cats names and treated them with kindness and courtesy. They miss her, as well as do I.

I hope that in the future, if I need more PT, that she will be assigned to me again. She deserves a raise for all she does! Truly, you should be very proud of her. She is an outstanding employee of yours and speaks very highly of your organization. I would give her a 10 out of a scale of 1-10, for overall performance evaluation. The only thing, I did find fault with her, is that she doesn't like to get her picture taken. Ha ha. She is just pure and modest. Thank you Jim, for hiring such a wonderful, caring, professional, and knowledgeable, Physical Therapist. I feel honored in being one of her patients. ”
- K.B.

“I am 90 years old and suffering from both rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis. As a result of an unsuccessful hip replacement and a further fracture of a small bone in the same hip, I can only walk short distances with a walker.

In a few weeks, my therapist has brought a boat of significant improvement in my ability to stand and walk.

I have had many therapists, and she is by far the best. She is knowledgeable, patient, pleasant, and encouraging. Most important, results! Under her care, I have made considerable progress, and can look forward to more.

If you want a grade on a scale of 1 to 10- 10!"
- B.A.

“You could not have sent me a more perfect physical therapist. In eleven sessions had me back to normal after a traumatic fracture in my right Femur in a 72-year old male. Her always-pleasant smile, being on time and encouragement was so important at a very difficult time for me. She demonstrated and conveys a lot of confidence, which was very reassuring.

She gets an A+++++ in my grade book. Thank you!"
- D.S.

“Home Physical Therapy Services came to me after my knee surgery. I was using crutches, in severe pain, and on pain medications. After 12 visits with Jim, I am free of medications and can exercise and walk pain-free with no assistance. They’re the best!”
- Patient after Knee Arthroscopy, San Marcos

“Since I have been working with my physical therapist, I have been able to exchange my walker for a cane, which is a vast improvement. I have been walking further, my back pain is lessening, and my whole quality of life is improving. Did I say that I am ninety years old?””
- Patient with Spinal Stenosis, Vista

“The physical therapy I received after my illness was well conceived and professionally executed. After the treatment, I felt stronger and my stamina was markedly improved.””
- Patient with previous Stroke, Carlsbad

“I feel physical therapy has helped me in many ways. I have more confidence and walk better. My therapist also helped me with balance. I can walk faster and I am able to get up from my chair with greater ease. Jim has given me different exercises on a sheet which I try to do myself. My experience with therapy has been very helpful and I will continue to keep up with all the therapy exercises. Thank you.”
- Patient with history of falls and weakness, San Marcos

“After 6 weeks of sleeping all the time due to drugs treating the pain of shingles, my shoulders caved in. I could not stand up straight and could hardly walk. Every muscle in my body collapsed. I needed help. My doctor referred me to Home Physical Therapy Services. The therapist Jim came to my home 3 times a week. I started on simple exercises. By the end of the first week, I could stand with my shoulders straight back and was able to walk straight. It was a small miracle. During the 2nd week, we walked outside. I was only able to walk approximately 100 yards the first day. By the end of the 2nd week, I walked around the block (almost ½ mile). My exercises became more challenging and I started to using 2 lb. weights by the 3rd week. Now, after only 3 weeks of therapy, I can walk straight. My strength and energy is improving every day. I know I must continue to exercise daily but thanks to Home PT Services, I’m on my way. Jim, the therapist, was kind and patient with me. Most important, he helped me realize I could do it.”
- Patient with Shingles and Low Back Pain, Oceanside